This function creates a new board and sets its properties.


int createBoard (array $boardOptions)

Parameter $boardOptions

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of board settings and options

Array Elements of $boardOptions
Key Optional Expected type Description
board_name no Escaped String The name of the board
move_to no Enumerated String Where to move the board to: 'after' (after another board), 'before' (before another board), 'bottom' (last board in the category), 'child' (child of another board) or 'top' (first board in the category
target_category no Integer The ID of the category to create this board in
access_groups yes Escaped String A list of IDs corresponding to the groups that can see this board (default: empty array)
board_description yes Escaped String The description for this board (default: empty string)
board_theme yes Integer The ID of the theme to use for this board (default: 0 [global theme])
inherit_permissions yes Boolean If this is a child board, whether or not to inherit permissions from the parent board (default: true)
moderators yes Escaped String A list of member IDs corresponding to the members who should be added as moderators
moderator_string yes Escaped String A list of membernames to add as moderators
override_theme yes Boolean If $boardOptions['board_theme'] isn't 0, whether or not to override the member's theme. If false, the member's theme will always be used unless the member has chosen "forum or board default". (default: false)
posts_count yes Boolean Whether or not to count posts on this board (default: true)
profile yes Integer The ID of the permissions profile to use for this board (default: 1)
target_board yes Integer If $boardOptions['move_to'] is 'after', the ID of the board to move this one after; if $boardOptions['move_to'] is 'before', the ID of the board to move this one before; if $boardOptions['move_to'] is 'child', the ID of the desired parent board

Return value

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the newly created board


  • Can be called from outside SMF to create a new board automatically
  • Calls modifyBoard after creating the board to set the options
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