Fetches a list of boards and (optionally) categories including statistical information, child boards and moderators.


array getBoardIndex (array $boardIndexOptions)

Parameter $boardIndexOptions

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of options.

Array Elements of $boardIndexOptions
Key Optional Expected type Description
base_level no Boolean The minimum child board level (1 for child boards, 2 for children of child boards, etc.)
countChildPosts no Boolean Whether or not to count posts from child boards in the parent board's post count
include_categories no Boolean Whether or not to include categories
set_latest_post no Boolean Whether or not to set the latest post info for the boards

Return value

Expected type: Array of arrays
Description: Returns either an array containing arrays of info about either a single category or an array with info about each category and the boards in that category. See code for complete details.


  • Used by both the board index (main data) and the message index (child boards).
  • Depending on the include_categories setting returns an associative array with categories->boards->child_boards or an associative array with boards->child_boards.