Determines whether you can email a user or even see their email address


string showEmailAddress (bool $userProfile_hideEmail, int $userProfile_id)

Parameter $userProfile_hideEmail

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether or not the user's profile is set to hide their email from guests

Parameter $userProfile_id

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the user in question

Return value

Expected type: Enumerated String

Possible string values
Allowed values Description
'no' Various settings prevent you from seeing it
'no_from_forum' No
'yes' Forum is set to show full email addresses
'yes_permission_override' Forum settings would normally prevent you from seeing it, but your permissions override those settings


  • If you're guest and the forum is set to hide email for guests: no.
  • If the user is post-banned: no.
  • If it's your own profile and you've set your address hidden: yes_permission_override.
  • If you're a moderator with sufficient permissions: yes_permission_override.
  • If the user has set their email address to be hidden: no.
  • If the forum is set to show full email addresses: yes.
  • Otherwise: no_through_forum.