Sends a bunch of emails from the queue


bool ReduceMailQueue ([mixed $number, bool $override_limit, bool $force_send])

Parameter $number

Expected type: Mixed
Description: How many to send

Allowed types for $number
Allowed values Description
Boolean False to use the default settings
Integer A specific number of emails to send

Parameter $override_limit

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether or not to override the limit of how many to send at once

Parameter $force_send

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Send the messages now instead of waiting based on the settings

Return value

Expected type: Boolean
Description: True when finished, false otherwise


  • Handles using a cron job and another script to send the emails ("mail_queue_use_cron" setting)
  • If a number isn't specified, uses "mail_quantity" setting or defaults to 5 if that isn't set
  • Will attempt to send the next message up to 5 times before giving up for a bit
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