Handles tracking a user's activity.


void trackActivity (int $memID)

Parameter $memID

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the member we wish to track


  • Requires the moderate_forum permission
  • Uses a standard list for displaying all errors generated by a user
  • Also displays a user's IP addresses and users with the same or similar IPs
  • Accessed at ?action=profile;area=tracking

Context ($context) Variables
Name Description
$context['error_ips'] An array of all of the IPs that a user has used when an error was generated. Array items are in the same format as $context['ips']
$context['ips'] An array of all the IPs that a user has used. Each item is the HTML code to display a link to track that IP.
$context['members_in_range'] An array of links to the profiles of any members whose IPs are the same or in the same range as this one.