This loads the specified sub-template, which is a function in an already loaded template.


void loadSubTemplate (string $sub_template_name[, mixed $fatal])

Parameter $sub_template_name

Expected type: String
Description: The name of the sub-template to load

Parameter $fatal

Expected type: Mixed
Description: Whether or not to die with a fatal_error if the sub-template couldn't be loaded

Allowed types for $fatal
Allowed values Description
Boolean If 'true', die with a fatal_error if the sub-template can't be loaded. If 'false', just use fatal_lang_error() instead.
Enumerated String Special value - 'ignore' to completely ignore any error messages. If it is not 'true', 'false' or 'ignore', the default (false) is assumed.


  • If 'debug' is in the query string, shows administrators a marker after every sub template for debugging purposes.