Notifies members who have requested notification for new topics posted on a board of said posts.


void notifyMembersBoard (mixed &$topicData)

Parameter &$topicData

Expected type: Mixed
Description: Either an array of data about a single topic or an array of arrays about multiple topics.

Allowed types for $topicData
Allowed values Description
Array An array of data about a single topic. Keys: subject, board, body, msg, poster
Array of arrays An array of arrays, each containing data about a particular topic. Keys of this array are topic ids, and each array contains the same keys as above


  • Receives data on the topics to send out notifications to by the passed in array.
  • Only sends notifications to those who can *currently* see the topic (it doesn't matter if they could when they requested notification.)
  • Loads the Post language file multiple times for each language if the userLanguage setting is set.
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