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Loads up all the data for the sidebar.


void messageIndexBar (string $area)

Parameter $area

Expected type: Enumerated String
Description: A string corresponding to a particular area; used for $context['pm_area'], which in turn tells SMF which link in the sidebar should be bold...

Possible string values
Allowed values Description
'folders' Sending a new PM, viewing the inbox or viewing the outbox
'labels' If you have labels, sets up the "labels" section of the sidebar with links for all your labels
'prefs' Something in the "settings" section of the sidebar


  • Loads up the massive $context['pm_areas'] array, which is used to output all the information on the sidebar
  • Loads up $context['limit_bar'] if you have a PM limit
  • Loads the pm template layer if you're not using a wireless protocol
  • See code for more information