Displays a list of upcoming events or returns this information in an array, depending on output_method.


array ssi_todaysEvents (void $param1)

Parameter $param1

Expected type: Void

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: Returns an array if output_method isn't 'echo', otherwise displays a comma-seperated list of upcoming/current events.

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
can_edit no Boolean Whether or not the current user is allowed to edit events
href no String URL to the topic this event is linked to (in 1.1, this is an empty string if the event isn't linked to a topic)
is_last no Boolean Whether or not this is the last event in the array (used to determine when to stop outputting seperators)
is_today no Boolean Whether or not this event is today
modify_href no String The URL for editing this event
title no String Event title


  • Like the other two calendar functions, this function relies on the forum settings for how many days in advance to display things.
  • Checks to see if you can edit events