Displays a list of current/upcoming holidays or returns an array of this information, depending on output_method.


mixed ssi_todaysHolidays ([string $output_method])

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: Standard SSI.php output_method variable. If 'echo', the information will be output in a pre-formatted style. Otherwise the information is returned in an array. An empty array is returned if there's nothing to display.

Return value

Expected type: Mixed
Description: Depending on output_method, this function will either display a list of information or return it in an array.

Possible types
Allowed values Description
Void If output_method is 'echo', outputs a comma-separated list of holidays
Array If ouptut_method isn't 'echo', outputs an array of holiday info, with the keys being the day and the values being the holiday


  • Uses the forum setting for how many days in advance to display information
  • The returned array simply contains the holidays in the order that they happen.