Displays a poll from the specified topic or returns an array of information about that poll, depending on output_method.


array ssi_showPoll ([int $topic[, string $output_method]])

Parameter $topic

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the topic containing the poll you wish to show. If not specified, the topic must be set in the 'ssi_topic' request variable.

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: Standard SSI.php output_method variable. If 'echo', the specified poll will be displayed. Otherwise an array containing the poll info will be returned.

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: If output_method is 'echo', displays the specified poll. Otherwise returns all the info in an array.

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
allow_vote no Boolean Whether or not you can vote in this poll (true if it's not locked, it hasn't expired, you're not a guest and you have permission to vote in polls)
allow_warning no String If you can vote for mutiple options, this is the "You may only select up to x options" text. Otherwise it's an empty string
id no Integer The poll ID
image no String "poll" (used to display the poll icon)
is_locked no Boolean Whether or not voting is locked for this poll
options no Array An array of information about the poll options - id ("options-{option_number}"), percent (percentage of votes that have been cast for this option), bar (the graphical bar that's displayed next to an option), vote_button (either a checkbox or a radio button for voting for this option, depending on poll settings)
question no String The poll question
topic no Integer The ID of the topic this poll is associated with
total_votes no Integer The total number of votes cast in this poll


  • Topic can be specified either in the parameters or via $_REQUEST['ssi_topic']
  • User can vote in the poll if they're allowed (see ssi_pollVote)
  • Returns an empty array if you're not allowed to view polls or if no polls are visible to you...