Gets information about the top poll and either displays this poll or returns an array of information, depending on output_method.


array ssi_topPoll ([string $output_method])

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: If 'echo', the function will output the poll. Otherwise the array will be returned. Also returns an empty array if there's nothing to display.

Return value

Expected type: Array

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
allowed_warning no String If you're allowed to vote for more than one option, this is the "You may only select up to x options" text. Otherwise it's an empty string
id no Integer Poll ID
image no String "poll" (used to display the poll message icon)
is_locked no Boolean Always false. Indicates that the poll isn't locked.
options no Array An array of info about the specific poll options: percent (percentage of votes cast for this option), votes (total votes this option has received), bar (the graphical bar that's displayed next to each option), option (formatted poll option [all bbcode, etc. has been parsed]), vote_button (a radio or checkbox depending on poll settings)
question no String Poll question
topic no Integer The ID of the topic that this poll is associated with
total_votes no Integer The total number of votes that have been cast in this poll


  • Same as calling ssi_recentPoll(output_method, true);
  • Requires that you have permission to view and vote in polls on at least one board
  • Finds the poll with the most votes that you haven't voted in yet (don't ask...)
  • Returns an empty array if there's nothing to display
  • Outputs the poll if output_method is 'echo', otherwise returns information about the poll.