Displays basic board stats - total members, total boards, total categories, total topics and total posts.


array ssi_boardStats ([string $output_method])

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: The standard SSI.php output_method variable. If set to 'echo', the function will display the results in a pre-formatted style. Otherwise it will return an array of the information. Default is 'echo'.

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: As usual, this function will output pre-formatted information unless $output_method is something other than 'echo'...

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
boards no Integer The total number of boards
categories no Integer The total number of categories
members no Integer The total number of members
posts no Integer The total number of posts
topics no Integer The total number of topics


  • $output_method has the same effect here as it does in most of the other functions in this file...
  • These totals are for the entire board, and don't necessarily represent the number of each thing that the current user can see (except for members)