Gets the information about the latest member and either displays it or returns it in an array depending on output_method.


array ssi_latestMember ([string $output_method])

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: The standard SSI.php output_method variable. If set to 'echo', the function will display the results in a pre-formatted style. Otherwise it will return an array of the information. Default is 'echo'.

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: Depending on output_method, either returns an array or displays the results in a pre-formatted layout.

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
href no String The URL to the user's profile
id no Integer The ID of the member
link no String Link to the user's profile
name no String The membername (display name)


  • This function only handles the most recent member. There currently is no SSI function for displaying a certain number of recent members.