Returns a comma-seperated list of the top x posters, or an array if output_method isn't echo.


array ssi_topPoster ([int $topNumber[, string $output_method]])

Parameter $topNumber

Expected type: Integer
Description: How many top posters to find. Defaults to 1

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: Standard SSI output_method variable. Defaults to 'echo'. If not 'echo', will return the array, otherwise returns a comma-seperated list.

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: Returns either a comma seperated list of usernames (which each link to the appropriate profile) or an array of arrays if output_method isn't echo (each array is a separate user)

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
href no String URL to this person's profile
id no Integer Member ID
link no String Link to this user's profile
name no String Membername (display name)