Displays the forum menu.


mixed ssi_menubar ([string $output_method])

Parameter $output_method

Expected type: String
Description: The standard SSI.php output_method variable. If set to 'echo', the function will display the results in a pre-formatted style. Otherwise it will return an array of the information. Default is 'echo'.

Return value

Expected type: Mixed

Possible types
Allowed values Description
Void If $output_method is 'echo', the function will display the menu
Array If $output_method isn't 'echo', returns the $context array


  • Displays the menu from the default theme if user is a guest
  • Displays the menu from the theme the user has chosen if they're not a guest
  • To force the function to display the menu from a specific theme, set $ssi_theme to the ID of the theme you want the menu to be displayed from before including SSI.php (note that this might affect other functions)
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