This function handles the cache-related settings.


mixed ModifyCacheSettings ([bool $return_config])

Parameter $return_config

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, returns an array of config vars. Default is false.

Return value

Expected type: Mixed

Possible types
Allowed values Description
Void Returns nothing if $return_config is false
Array of arrays An array of config var arrays. Used when searching for settings from the admin center. See comment at the beginning of this file for more info on config_vars


  • Detects whether the various supported optimizers are installed based on the existence of an appropriate cache-storing function from each.
  • Detects them in the following order: eAccelerator ('eaccelerator_put'), MMCache ('mmcache_put'), APC ('apc_store'), Zend Engine ('output_cache_put') and memcached ('memcache_set')
  • Allows you to specify the memcache servers if you're using memcache
  • Redirects back to itself and saves its own settings.
  • Returns an array of config vars if $return_config is true