Sets the current set of "keys" expected in each data array passed to addData. It also sets the way we are adding data to the data table.


void setKeys ([string $method[, array $keys[, bool $reverse]]])

Parameter $method

Expected type: Enumerated String
Description: The method in which data is added

Possible string values
Allowed values Description
'cols' Each key represents a new column
'rows' Each key represents a new row (default)

Parameter $keys

Expected type: Array
Description: An array containing the data

Parameter $reverse

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, the values of the $keys array will be used for the keys... (default is false)


  • Method specifies whether the data passed to addData represents a new column, or a new row.
  • Keys is an array whose keys are the keys for data being passed to addData().
  • If reverse is set to true, then the values of the $keys array are used for the keys instead.