Stops execution and displays an error message according to the specified key.


void fatal_lang_error (string $error[, mixed $log[, array $sprintf]])

Parameter $error

Expected type: String
Description: The key for the language string to be used as the error message

Parameter $log

Expected type: Mixed
Description: Whether or not to log the error, and if so, what type of error it is

Allowed types for $log
Allowed values Description
Boolean false if you don't want to log the error
Enumerated String The type of error this is (see log_error) - defaults to 'general'

Parameter $sprintf

Expected type: Array
Description: Information that should be inserted in the string using vsprintf() (see http://www.php.net/sprintf for more info) - defaults to empty array


  • $error - the key of the $txt array corresponding to the error message that we want to display
  • Loads the Errors language file.
  • Applies the sprintf information if specified.
  • The information is logged if log is true or missing.
  • Uses the Errors template with the fatal_error sub template, or the proper error sub template in the Wirless template.