General function to split off a topic.


int splitTopic (int $split1_ID_TOPIC, array $splitMessages, string $new_subject)

Parameter $split1_ID_TOPIC

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the original topic

Parameter $splitMessages

Expected type: Array of Integers
Description: An array containing the IDs of the messages being split

Parameter $new_subject

Expected type: String
Description: The subject for the new split topic (as specified by the user)

Return value

Expected type: Integer
Description: The topic ID of the new split topic


  • Creates a new topic and moves the messages with the IDs in array messagesToBeSplit to the new topic.
  • The subject of the newly created topic is set to 'newSubject'.
  • Marks the newly created message as read for the user splitting it.
  • Updates the statistics to reflect a newly created topic.
  • Logs the action in the moderation log.
  • A notification is sent to all users monitoring this topic.
  • Returns the topic ID of the new split topic.