Sets merge options and does the actual merging of two or more topics.


void MergeExecute ([array $topics])

Parameter $topics

Expected type: Array of Integers
Description: An array of topic IDs indicating which topics should be merged (set when function is called internally)


  • The merge options screen:
  • Shows topics to be merged and allows the user to set some merge options.
  • Is accessed by ?action=mergetopics;sa=options and can also internally be called by QuickModeration() (Subs-Boards.php).
  • Uses 'merge_extra_options' sub template of the SplitTopics template.
  • The actual merge:
  • Is accessed with ?action=mergetopics;sa=execute.
  • Updates the statistics to reflect the merge.
  • Logs the action in the moderation log.
  • Sends a notification to all users monitoring this topic.
  • Redirects to ?action=mergetopics;sa=done.
  • Same as MergeTopics2 in 1.0.x