Returns a list of boards on which the user has the specified permission.


mixed boardsAllowedTo (string $permission[, bool $check_access])

Parameter $permission

Expected type: String
Description: A permission to check for

Parameter $check_access

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether or not to check board access. If true, only checks for the permission on boards that the user has access to. Defaults to ture.

Return value

Expected type: Mixed

Possible types
Allowed values Description
Array An empty array - indicates that the user does not have that permission on any board
Array of Integers An array containing 0 if they can do it on all boards or an array of IDs of specific boards where they can do this


  • Returns an array with only a 0 in it if the user has permission to do this on every board.
  • Returns an empty array if he or she cannot do this on any board.
  • Only checks a single permission (easier and less confusing)
  • If $check_access is true, only checks boards that the user can see