Fetches and returns info about the most recent post that you can see.


array getLastPost ()

Return value

Expected type: Array

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
href no String The URL to the post
link no String A formatted HTML link to the last post
preview no String A "preview" of the post - the first 128 characters of the post (after bbcode and smileys have been stripped) with "..." appended (or the entire post if it's less than 129 characters long). Used to allow you to preview the post when hovering over the subject...
short_subject no String A shortened version of the subject (first 24 characters with "..." appended or the subject itself if it's less than 25 characters long)
subject no String The subject of this post
time no String The time that the post was made (formatted and with respect to time offsets)
timestamp no Integer The timestamp for the time when the post was made
topic no Integer The ID of the topic that this post is in

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