This function loads an attachment's contextual data including, most importantly, its size if it is an image.


array loadAttachmentContext ()

Return value

Expected type: Array

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
byte_size no Integer The attachment size in bytes
downloads no Integer How many times this attachment has been downloaded
height no Integer If there's a thumbnail, this is height of the thumbnail
href no String The href for the attachment link
id no Integer The ID of this attachment
is_image no Boolean Whether or not the attachment is an image (whether or not the attachmentShowImages setting is set and this is a gif, jpeg, bmp or png image)
link no String The HTML code for the attachment link
name no String The real name of this attachment (as opposed to the encrypted name)
real_height no Integer The full height of the image
real_width no Void The full width of the image
size no String The size of this attachment in kilobytes (rounded to two decimal places)
thumbnail no Array An array containing information about the thumbnail ('id' [integer] - the internal ID of the thumbnail image, 'href' [string] - the href for the thumbnail link, 'has_thumb' [boolean] - whether or not this attachment has a thumbnail)
width no Integer If there's a thumbnail, this is the width of the thumbnail, otherwise it's the same as real_width


  • Expects the $attachments array to have been filled with the proper attachment data, as Display() does.
  • Requires the view_attachments permission to calculate image size.
  • Attempts to keep the 'aspect ratio' of the posted image in line, even if it has to be resized.
  • Resizes the image as needed based on the max_image_width and max_image_height settings