This function actually deletes the user's account.


void deleteAccount2 (array $profile_vars, array $post_errors, int $memID)

Parameter $profile_vars

Expected type: Array
Description: Profile information (not actually used?)

Parameter $post_errors

Expected type: Array
Description: The errors array (if it's not empty and you're trying to delete your account, this means you didn't enter your password or didn't enter the correct one)

Parameter $memID

Expected type: Integer
Description: The ID of the member who should be deleted


  • Security checks are high in this function, making it nearly impossible to abuse
  • Checks permissions again (prevents wise guys from trying to bypass deleteAccount when they can't delete accounts)
  • Checks the session as well to ensure you came from the deleteAccount form
  • Will not delete your own account if you didn't enter a password (ie if $post_errors isn't empty)
  • Determines whether to delete the user's topics and/or posts based on $_POST['remove_type']