This function mostly deals with determining whether or not the user needs to enter their FTP information so stuff can be chmodded.


void packageRequireFTP (array $files, string $destination_url)

Parameter $files

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of one or more files/directories that should be chmodded

Parameter $destination_url

Expected type: String
Description: Where to send the user once they've entered FTP info


  • Will always try the manual way first (PHP's chmod function).
  • Depending on the user's preferences and the situation at hand, will try to chmod things via FTP
  • Responsible for loading the screen telling the user FTP information is required.
  • Throws FTP error messages back to the user for handling
  • Recursive function - calls itself in certain situations.
  • $destination_url - the URL that the user should be sent to once FTP info has been entered (generally the URL of the page they were on previously).