This important function parses an xml-based modification file.


array parseModification (string $file[, bool $testing[, bool $undo]])

Parameter $file

Expected type: String
Description: The name of the file to parse

Parameter $testing

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, doesn't actually modify anything but just tests to make sure the files are there and everything can be found. Default is true.

Parameter $undo

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, it will undo all the changes requested by the file (used when uninstalling things). Default is false. Directly related to the "reverse" parameter of the modification tag.

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of changes that were made


  • Testing tells it the modifications shouldn't actually be saved.
  • Undo specifies that the modifications the file requests should be undone; this doesn't work with everything (regular expressions.)
  • Returns an array of those changes made.