Searches for members by email address, username or display name (real name).


array findMembers (array $names[, bool $use_wildcards[, bool $buddies_only[, int $max]]])

Parameter $names

Expected type: Array
Description: The pattern to search for

Parameter $use_wildcards

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, the "?" and "*" wildcards will be allowed (default is false)

Parameter $buddies_only

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, will only return members who are on the user's buddy list (default is false)

Parameter $max

Expected type: Integer
Description: The maximum number of results to return (if not specified, returns all results in 1.1, defaults to 500 in 2.0)

Return value

Expected type: Array of arrays
Description: An array of arrays, each containing info about the members that were found, or an empty array if no members were found. The keys are the member IDs, and each array within the array has 'id' (member ID), 'email', 'href' (URL to user's profile), 'link' (HTML code for display a link to the profile), 'name' (display name) and 'username'


  • Accepts wildcards ? and * in the pattern if use_wildcards is set.
  • Retrieves a maximum of max members, if passed.
  • Searches only buddies if buddies_only is set.
  • Returns an array containing information about the matching members.