Returns a pretty formatted version of time based on the user's format in $user_info['time_format'].


string timeformat (int $time[, bool $show_today[, mixed $offset_type]])

Parameter $time

Expected type: Integer
Description: A unix timestamp

Parameter $show_today

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether or not to force the display based on the "Today" settings. Default is true

Parameter $offset_type

Expected type: Mixed
Description: Allows you to ignore all offsets or just the user offset

Allowed types for $offset_type
Allowed values Description
Boolean If false, will apply both the forum and the user time offsets. Default value.
String If 'forum', will only apply the forum time offset. Otherwise it won't apply either time offset

Return value

Expected type: String
Description: The formatted time/date string with offsets applied (if applicable)


  • Applies any necessary time offsets to the timestamp.
  • If todayMod is set and show_today was not not specified or true, an alternate format string is used to show the date with something to show it is "today" or "yesterday".
  • Performs localization (more than just strftime would do alone.)