Formats data retrieved in other functions into xml format.


void dumpTags (array $data, int $i[, mixed $tag[, string $xml_format]])

Parameter $data

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of data to output

Parameter $i

Expected type: Integer
Description: How many levels the tags should be indented

Parameter $tag

Expected type: Mixed
Description: A specific tag to use in place of the data keys

Allowed types for $tag
Allowed values Description
Null Default value. Indicates that the data keys should be used for the tags.
String A specific tag to use in place of the data keys

Parameter $xml_format

Expected type: Enumerated String
Description: The format to use

Possible string values
Allowed values Description
'atom' Used when outputting a <link rel ... /> tag for the ATOM feed (when $tag is "link") or a summary for the document (when $tag is "summary")
'rdf' Used when $tag is "item" to output the beginning tags for the RDF document (google "rdf:about" for more info)


  • The data parameter is the array to output as xml data.
  • Indentation is the amount of indentation to use.
  • If a tag is specified, it will be used instead of the keys of data.
  • Format specifies which format to use
  • This function is recursively called to handle sub arrays of data.
  • The last two parameters are mostly used for special things (see descriptions for $xml_format values)