Is called to output XML information.


void showXmlFeed ()


  • Can be passed four subactions which decide what is output: 'recent' for recent posts, 'news' for news topics, 'members' for recently registered members, and 'profile' for a member's profile.
  • 'limit' get parameter can be used to specify how many items to display (must be between 5 and 255; default is 5)
  • 'news' and 'recent' can be limited to items from specific categories or boards (';c=1' or ';c=1,2,3...' for categories; ';boards=1' or ';boards=1,2,3...' for boards).
  • To display a member's profile, a user id has to be given. (;u=1)
  • Uses the Stats language file.
  • Outputs a proprietary XML feed unless the 'type' get parameter is 'atom', 'rdf', 'rss' or 'rss2'
  • Does not use any templates, sub templates, or template layers.
  • Is accessed via ?action=.xml.