Delete one or more users.


void deleteMembers (mixed $users[, bool $check_not_admin])

Parameter $users

Expected type: Mixed

Allowed types for $users
Allowed values Description
Integer The ID of a single member to delete
Array of Integers The IDs of one or more members to delete

Parameter $check_not_admin

Expected type: Boolean
Description: If true, indicates that this user isn't an admin and therefore cannot delete admins. Defaults to false.


  • Requires profile_remove_own or profile_remove_any permission for respectively removing your own account or any account.
  • Non-admins cannot delete admins.
  • Changes author of messages, topics and polls to guest authors.
  • Removes all log entries concerning the deleted members, except the error logs, ban logs and moderation logs.
  • Removes these members' personal messages (only the inbox), avatars, ban entries, theme settings, moderator positions, poll votes, and karma votes.
  • Updates member statistics afterwards.