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Creates a new menu


array createMenu (array $menuData[, array $menuOptions])

Parameter $menuData

Expected type: Array
Description: An array of menu data - each key is a section, subsection or item name, and is an array of information (title, link, etc.). See function comments for more info

Parameter $menuOptions

Expected type: Array
Description: Various options related to the menu

Array Elements of $menuOptions
Key Optional Expected type Description
action yes String The "action" that this menu should be displayed for
current_area yes String The current area
disable_url_session_check yes Boolean Whether or not to disable showing the session ID in the URL
extra_url_parameters yes Array An array containing any additional parameters that should be added to the URL in the form of 'parameter' => 'value'
layer_name yes String The name of the template layer to include for this menu
menu_type yes Enumerated String What type of menu this is. If not specified, defaults to dropdown unless the user has specified otherwise. Can be either "dropdown" or "sidebar"
template_name yes String The name of the template file containing the function to load this menu

Return value

Expected type: Array
Description: $include_data, an array of information about the menu

Array Elements
Key Optional Expected type Description
$area no Array An array of information about the current area (see code for details)
current_action no String The current "action" or the one required for this menu
current_area no String The current "area" in which we are browsing
current_section no String The section of the menu that has been selected