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Chops a string of text into individual words and prepares them to be inserted into (or searched from) the database.


mixed text2words (string $text, int $max_chars[, bool $encrypt])

Parameter $text

Expected type: String
Description: The text that should be split up into words

Parameter $max_chars

Expected type: Integer
Description: The maximum number of characters to use for each word (default is 20)

Parameter $encrypt

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether or not to encrypt the words (default is false)

Return value

Expected type: Mixed

Possible types
Allowed values Description
Array of Integers A unique array of integers, each one corresponding to and uniquely identifying an inserted word (if $encrypt is true)
Array An array of the inserted words (if $encrypt is false)


  • Strips entities and non-word characters (spaces, tabs, newlines, carriage returns, punctuation symbols)
  • Replaces any remaining HTML entities with their appropriate character
  • Uses crypt() to encrypt the words if $encrypt is true
  • $max_chars is the maximum number of characters each word should be
  • If $encrypt is true, the returned array will contain integers that can be used to figure out what each word was
  • If $encrypt is false, the returned array will simply contain all the words that were inserted