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Used to redirect users after posting form data to prevent them from going back and re-posting it.


void redirectexit ([string $setLocation[, bool $refresh]])

Parameter $setLocation

Expected type: String
Description: Where the user should be redirected (usually a querystring when called from within SMF - eg redirectexit('action=x');). If not specified, the user will be sent to the boardindex.

Parameter $refresh

Expected type: Boolean
Description: Whether to send a refresh header instead of a Location header. Defaults to false. (Refresh is only used in special cases because Location looks better and is faster)


  • Should be used whenever anything is posted
  • Automatically determines whether or not to add $scripturl
  • If $refresh is true, sends a "Refresh" header instead of a "Location" header
  • Redirects to the board index if no location is specified