It's our intention to provide you with correct answers to all your questions as fast as possible. To do so we've set up a 3 step system. Just go with the flow from step to step to get your answers. We've also included two additional options of getting help with your Simple Machines Forum.

Step 1: Frequently Asked Questions

We've heard a lot of questions from our users, and we've collected the most frequently asked questions in a database that you can browse or search to see if you can find an answer to your question.

Step 2: Do a forum search

If you have a question that isn't located in our FAQ, try a search of our community forums. The powerful search engine of SMF will search for topics that could contain a solution to your problem.

Step 3: Ask our community

If you've gone through steps 1 and 2 and haven't found any answers to your question. Try asking it at our community. A member of our support team, or another member like yourself may know the answer you're looking for.

Additional support options

The Online Manual

In the Online Manual you'll find all there is to know about SMF. From posting, to moderating, to administrating. Every function of SMF is explained and everything you can do is revealed. It is your complete information center into the world of SMF.

Become a Charter Member

Users of SMF can optionally become a "Charter Member" by donating at least $50 USD. Charter Members have access to a member's only area of the support forum, optional assistance from the SMF team for installation and access to the helpdesk which allows us to give one on one attention to your questions.

Support Helpers of the Month

Every month we award a few members with the support helper of the month badge in recognition of their contributions. Many of these members later go on to join our support team.